9 Things to Communicate with Your Advertising Creative Team

Friday, 22 July 2011 02:30 Admin Web

Nobody knows your business better than you. The market, competition, industry practices, and most of all, the reason people should buy from you.

It’s your agency’s job to take this information and turn it into compelling, persuasive, and  creative local advertising content that motivates your target audience to follow the call to action set forth in the campaign (visit store, pick up phone, submit online form).

The detail and depth of information you provide in discovery and brainstorming sessions with your creative team impacts the success of a campaign. It affects not only in the performance of the creative, but also the amount of time it takes the team to learn about your business.

9 Things to Communicate with Your Advertising Creative Team

Here are 9 points to consider when advertising your business and meeting with your creative team:

Giving your agency the right information with the right amount of detail will help your creative team show rather than tell your story. It makes for more productive brainstorming, review, and feedback sessions, and stronger advertising.

And the more you know about the different media channels and how they align to the buying cycle for your product or service, the better the understanding you’ll have of how your local advertising can motivate your audience from awareness to sale.