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Tuesday, 18 Jun 2019

Optimum Scheduling for Radio Advertising: Frequency is Key

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radio_schedule_-_jpegThe following is a guest blog post from Bob Gramer, founder of media buying and advertising consulting company Multiple Media Consultants.

When playing the numbers games in media analysis, there are two things we are always concerned about…reach and frequency.

The goal is to reach as many target potential customers with enough frequency to make sure the message is received and understood. With radio, frequency becomes even more important since we are working with only the sense of hearing in a limited span of time.  

9 Things to Communicate with Your Advertising Creative Team

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creativeNobody knows your business better than you. The market, competition, industry practices, and most of all, the reason people should buy from you.

It’s your agency’s job to take this information and turn it into compelling, persuasive, and  creative local advertising content that motivates your target audience to follow the call to action set forth in the campaign (visit store, pick up phone, submit online form).

The detail and depth of information you provide in discovery and brainstorming sessions with your creative team impacts the success of a campaign. It affects not only in the performance of the creative, but also the amount of time it takes the team to learn about your business.

The Myth of Gross and Net Rates in Media Buying

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Money.JPG_hyuncompressedBy definition, the Gross Rate is what an agency charges the client for their advertising media. The Net Rate is what the agency pays for the media.

Historically, the difference between the gross and net rate in media buying has been agency revenue. Putting it simply, if the gross rate from media outlet A is $100, and the client pays an agency commission of 10%, the net rate would be $90.

As an agency I would owe the media outlet $90 when my client pays me $100, and I would keep $10.

Market Forces & Media Buying Automation

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supply_and_demand-01-resized-600No matter what industry you’re in, meeting frequently with a lot of vendors and salespeople just isn’t feasible. The amount of time spent in those meetings could be otherwise spent growing a business or keeping customers happy.

It’s no different for small businesses placing local advertising.  Meeting with hundreds of media salespeople can be costly and confusing. So what do you do? Either you don’t meet with them, or familiarity and bias leads to meeting with only selected media salespeople, no matter the changes in the advertising landscape or media consumption habits of the audience you want to reach.

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